Training Classes

There will always be Pest Control Presentation questions or situations that arise In the pest control business. Especially since pests can create new and evolving scenarios or unforeseen problems, it’s important to seek the knowledge of an expert that has seen it all when you need answers right away. With over 52 years in the pest control industry, J. Paul Hardy Consulting, LLC can guide your business to solutions via in-person training classes, phone consultation or video conference.

Early Detection Termite System

Controlling termite infestations has become a more advanced practice due to the evolving nature of the termites and climate change. The termite swarms of the past that attributed many pest control service calls during spring and fall swarm season, which also contributed to 50% of the pest control industries’ revenue stream, aren’t as prevalent now.  Although studies indicate termite colonies has grown over the years, people are less aware of possible termite infestations; therefore, early detection termite systems have become increasingly important.  Understanding the benefits and the need to utilize early detection can make or break a pest control business in today’s world.

Reclaimed Crawlspaces & Unfinished Basements

Over the years, building codes and modern home builders have preferred enclosed foundations made of either hollow blocks or bricks. Although this method of home building added to the aesthetics of a home and decreased it’s energy consumption, it also can lead to problems such as moisture, mildew,  mold, fungus, rot and odors. These are all perfect living conditions for pests; therefore, understanding how and why to reclaim crawlspaces can improve the living quality and structure of a home significantly, while keeping pests at bay.

Insulation Pre & Post

As we continue to build homes further and further into traditionally wooded areas we are forcing wildlife to adjust to living side by side with humans. They have become quite comfortable at this, and they are costing homeowners a fortune removing, sanitizing, disposing of contaminated waste and re-insulating of structures both in attics and crawlspaces in the underfloor areas. Understanding insulation and also adhering to today’s strict energy efficient guidelines takes a lot of industry knowledge. Let us help you making the right choices.

 Wood Protection

Insect-HotelExposed wood either outside or inside crawlspaces needs to be protected from wood infesting organisms including but not limited to moisture, water, and insects of all kinds. Wood protection will cover decks, fences, patio, unfinished and finished wood structures, crawlspaces and unfinished basements where there is access to exposed unfinished wood. Learn about applying borates and water repellent materials properly and safely.

Legal Assistance

The Pest Control Expert, Paul Hardy, has been involved in hundreds of legal cases and involved in direct claims management resulting from disputes on employee, employment violations, pesticides, insects, rodents, animals, property damage from wood infesting organisms of all types. The first step to avoiding litigation is proper training and education on best practices. Learn how to avoid legal situations from the best in the business.


Gutters will catch debris from leaves, pine straw, shingle coating, soil and seed that collect in gutters. This results in stopping up the gutter that leads to water damage to the roof edge, facer board, and ice block that results in roof decking damage. Insect and rodents also use the debris that collects in gutters for harborage and is a main source of mosquito development. Gutter cover systems assist in preventing gutter stoppage and helps protect the structure from insect, rodents, animals, and water damage.

Tube Systems

Tube systems first used in Australia, started catching on in the United States shortly afterwards during the 1980’s. With over 30 years of research, still little is known about this effective treatment by many pest control services. Tube systems are used to apply pesticides in void areas in walls and under structures without the need to have to go inside. This type of application process has proven to be very effective for both common insects that find their way in and subterranean termites. Spot treatments to specific areas can be made without intrusion of messy holes and inconvenience to occupants. Insecticides are applied in areas where insect find harborage and not on exposed surfaces. If you would like to know more about Tube Systems contact Paul Hardy.




J. Paul Hardy Consulting, LLC prides itself on educating and training groups of all sizes in order to improve the standards in the pest control industry further. Paul Hardy is a veteran speaker who enjoys live presentations to share his work experiences over 52 plus years. He also enjoys learning new things from the attendees he loves helping. In my case stand up training session had a very early start in life. My first presentation to piers and management was in March, 1961 and I was eighteen years old, the youngest and newest employee in the room. Yes I was scared and still am when asked to speak. The preparation for presentations is the most thrilling part and the sharing and learning starts. Part time termite technician and full time trainer in business, life, and pest management




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