Powder Post Beetles – Serious Problem Solved!

powder post beetles frassAsk any pest control professional and they will tell you; everyday in the field is different. From reptiles to insects to unwanted rodents, you name it, they’ve probably seen it. Sometimes, though, extreme conditions require creativity, ingenuity and a unique departure from the usual practice. Mr. Pat Markey, a 35 year pest control veteran and owner of the Alexander City, Alabama Orkin franchise, faced a similar situation in the fall of October 2013.

Pat’s current customer who lived in Florida had recently purchased a second home in Camp Hill, Alabama. The home was in need of some renovations but first on the list was to rid the home of pests. Upon his initial inspection, Pat found his work cut out for him.

Testimonials From the Field

Pat begins, “When I first evaluated the home, I found significant moisture issues with the crawlspace and exterior of the home. Because of the moisture problem, the thick lumber that framed the home exterior was infested with carpenter ants and powder post beetles. There was “frass” everywhere, powder was coming out of this place like you wouldn’t believe.”

powder post beetles frassThis is not an uncommon scene for pest control technicians. Powder post beetles are a major problem for homeowners, second only to termites. Unfortunately, their damage is not usually detected until an inspection is done or people start to notice fine sawdust like particles (frass) and exit holes where adult beetles have emerged.

“On this particular home, we decided to mix UltraBan-PRO, (the product we commonly used to control moisture in the crawlspace) with the Borate and applied it to the exterior of the home. The results were incredible. After returning for my monthly inspection, the powder was gone. A year later, still no activity. Thereafter, I returned to the home periodically to monitor the fieldstone below the wood and still “no powder”. Since my initial application of UltraBan-PRO the home has maintained a constant level of zero activity… I have been treating powder post beetles for over 30 years and this is the first time I have not had to re-treat.”

UltraBan-PRO Works on Exterior Wood Too!

“The Pest Control Expert“, Paul Hardy, retired Technical Director for Orkin Pest Control comments on why the Borate/UltraBan-PRO combination is so effective.

powder post beetles“UltraBan has proven its efficacy repeatedly in crawlspace, basement applications, and on exposed unfinished wood. UltraBan-PRO is most widely known for its ability to prevent moisture intrusion and prevent wood rot due to its unique chemistry. Interestingly, it works synergistically, assisting and enhancing the glycol by bonding to the wood and achieving deeper penetration of the borates. Our previous tests showed about a 30% improvement in Borate penetration.”

“The problem that we are seeing now is increased infestations in new construction. The new timbers have less hardwood and aren’t as resistant to insects as older timber was. If new construction was treated with this Borate/UltraBan-PRO combination in frame stage, we wouldn’t have today’s problems such as wood infesting insects or mold. The fact is that it’s more economical to use UltraBan-PRO on the initial treatment to enhance Borate performance and significantly reduce re-treatment for insect prevention.”

A Long Term Solution to a Big Problem

The homeowner, Mr. Greg Gibson, commented on the effectiveness of UltraBan-PRO and Pat’s innovative ideas to solve the tough issues his new home presented.

“I can’t say enough about the incredible service Pat and his crew provided. When I first purchased the home, it was in pretty bad shape. The crawlspace smelled terrible and was filled with mold. The home was also infested with powder post beetles and rodents. Pat Markey tackled it all. They treated the crawlspace with the UltraBan-PRO to prevent mold, encapsulated it and installed a dehumidifier. Pat also informed me of his long-term treatment of powder post beetles and to this day they are still gone. Today the house is still doing great and I can honestly say Pat’s services are one of the few purchases in life where I got my money’s worth. He is innovative, follows through with the problem and continues to support the solution. I have a great relationship with Pat now and look forward to continue working with him in the future.”

UltraBan-PRO Delivers Results

UltraBan-PROUltraBan-PRO was engineered to not only provide superior moisture protection, but combined with a Borate solution, it proves to be the most effective multi-purpose treatment for mold prevention and wood boring insect control. Are you an expert in crawlspace remediation or a leader in the pest control industry? Contact HomeWood Solutions today to learn how UltraBan-PRO can grow your business with real solutions that deliver results.

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