Fall Swarms Not All That Common

The good news, with all the termite treatments and use of the new technologies, we are yet to terminate all the native subterranean termites. Today, Patrick Markey found an active swarm in southern Alabama. Termites were inside a garage about 70 feet from main structure. (Perfect Storm for termite) Swarm conditions were ideal for a fall swarm.  It had been cool for a few days, followed by rain. Then yesterday and today (10-28-14) the temperature got up to about perfect 80 degrees with a humidity about 70.

Results were, termite swarmer’s that were already in their established swarm castles thought it was time to swarm and swarmed just like they are supposed to do.

Do not forget to inspect all of the property and to include all buildings, construction such as wood fence, dog houses, barns and etc. When inspecting the house or main structure draw a basic diagram, inspection starting underneath or in basement, and including every floor and attic. List all your findings. This is a great time to take pictures and video of what you find. Inspection and Documentation is your friend.

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